SENTRADE is an innovative trading company aiming to play an active role in European power, environmental and energy related commodities markets, focusing mainly in the SEE and CEE regions.

The strategic importance of the region for energy and commodity flows and the evolutionary process towards market liberalization raises the need to create bridges between diverse market requirements.

The company wants to contribute to the market evolution of this very dynamic area, by offering innovative trading ideas and products.

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  • Power trading is the core of SENTRADE’s activity. We aim to become a reliable partner of the region’s stakeholders, through sound trading practices, a solid financial position and market expertise.
  • SENTRADE is ready to seek solutions in addressing counterparty needs by combining cross-commodity expertise, use of financial instruments and the drive to reach a mutually beneficial results.
  • Our people are always ready to discuss trading ideas, business opportunities and provide quality feedback.

“By investing in highly skilled human resources, adhering to strict Risk Management policies and applying the highest standards of ethical conduct SENTRADE aims to become a counterparty of choice for the region’s trading community. “